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    Creative advertising is the dynamic combination of verbal and visual design that creates a powerful, attention-grabbing invitation. Your advertising must capture and compel those who see or hear it—consumers need to see what you offer, then pause long enough to look even closer. At OCG, our creative advertising consultants synergize with copywriters, designers, photographers, web developers, marketers and other industry professionals. We build upon the foundations of your corporate identity, branding and positioning. Then we embolden your message with a fresh stroke of progressive creativity.

    Creative concepting.

    • Identify what makes your business unique, unexpected and entertaining
    • Maximize, energize and humorize your business offerings
    • Create campaigns that unfold collaterally or seasonally
    • Maximize exposure time or space to highlight key promotional elements

    Sophisticated design.

    • Achieve refined presentation with upscale artwork and typography
    • Apply multimedia effects, and other hyper-sensory elements
    • Use color psychology to underscore consumers’ emotions and intentions

    Intelligent Copywriting.

    • Write promotional copy that is brief, emphatic and explicit
    • Meeting legal and industry “fine print” requirements
    • Choose dynamic headlines that positively capture attention
    • Get it write right! Produce and distribute ads with perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation.
    • Strategically analyze media planning and buying

    Where to advertise? Consider…

    Direct mail and print publications
    Radio and television, internet, and email broadcasting
    Telephone marketing
    • Large format, outdoor advertising (billboards, sponsorship).

    Set a biz

    When it comes to business, there's no such thing as "one size fits all." You deserve solutions that are tailored to meet your individual marketplace goals. Choose one of our unique business packages and we'll tune it to perfectly fit the solutions you can't live without.

    No more. No less. No time.


    Thanks a lot for allowing us to test your excellent products.

    You've done a great job with these plugins and I will definitely both recommend your services, and I will absolutely call you first if I have any other development work. ...

    Micah John